Welcome to Aikido Harmony

(includes Aikido Kids Brisbane)

Aikido is a martial art for everyone. Young, old, small, big, children, adults, male, female, fit, unfit. It doesn’t matter. Aikido doesn’t require size, strength or power. Therefore, it is perfect for females and it is perfect for children, although grown men can enjoy it too!! You are welcome at Aikido Harmony. We are friendly and definitely appreciate beginners. Please come and join us!!

Conveniently located at Sunnybank on Brisbane's Southside, classes are held on Tuesdays and Saturdays with your first class free!


                                    *   KIDS AND ADULTS CLASSES   *


We are proud to announce the opening of a new Aikido Harmony dojo, located in Underwood.  One of our instructors, Andrew Jewitt Sensei, has been unable to attend many classes at our Sunnybank dojo because of work commitments… so we’re taking a dojo to him!!

We will be starting an aikikids class (5-12 year olds) on 29th October, with class time of 4.30pm to 5.30pm. We will then continue on Wednesdays till 3rd December, before starting again in the New Year.  Steve Sensei will teach the classes this year with Andrew Jewitt Sensei taking over in the new year.  The location is Andrew Sensei’s tile shop ‘BUY RITE TILES' at 20 Kingston Rd at Underwood (across the road from Underwood Bunnings). As a thank you for finding the new dojo, the 29th October class will be FREE. Come and join us!

Christmas Break for 2014

The last day of classes for 2014 will be SATURDAY 6th DECEMBER 2014.  We will hold our Christmas Party and Games Day on the 6th December also.

The first day of classes for 2015 will be SATURDAY 3rd January 2015